Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gisell's Top 4 Quick Styles Picks for any Special Event

Is your life crazy? With work, school or just the daily norms can be hectic for some. What do you do when you only have few minutes to get your hair ready before that special event you just remembered that you must attend?? Not go? OH NO! Not that. We must go and look fabulous. I know what you are thinking. Omg! I have to do my hair but I don't know how. Here's Gisell to the rescue lol. I picked 4 quick styles that it's quick and take literally less than five minutes...if that! 
First, the BUN:
1. Pull all hair back and secure with a band.
2. twist the rest of the hair around the band and tuck in. No need of a suck bun. Natural makes a perfect up do. You can use bobby pins if needed. Use acessories such as earrings and do your makeup. That's it, from rushed to elegance.

Low Side Ponytail:
1. With curling around waves already done you can pull your to one side and secure with a band.
2. with bobby pins start pinning your waves around your pony tail like a donut.
3. Some ends can be loose, smooth your bangs if any and you are ready to party!

Pony Tail with a Twist:
1. Choose a high, side or low pony tail style you prefer.
2. You can twist starting from the side all the way back or just twist sides only and holding the rest of the hair with a band. Securing the twist as you go.
This is really all. It is very simple and so versatile with the twists.

I know not everyone can braid but this can be a quick, simple and elegant style.
1. If you know how then start braiding
2. Either you can tuck the braid in or leave the rest and hold with a band like a pony tail. Thats all!
Yes, so simple and quick.

I hope you like my post and Happy Holidays.



  1. Quick is good...this is not a "quick fix" if I have to do it is just not my metier. They look really nice though!!

  2. Good looking all especially the first one is better than others..:)
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