Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How to Keep Skin Elasticity

Aging is part of life! Point blank and final! No turning back. As we age our skin begins to lose its elasticity, meaning the firmness and tightness look we love, starts to appear a little looser and saggier. Losing elasticity also results in the onset of wrinkles! Keeping skins elasticity is possible by making healthy choices, incorporating essential vitamins and minerals into your daily diet and giving your skin the nutrients it needs to aid in collagen production. Here are some tips you can start doing as of today :)

  • Most of my products have vitamin E in them. Vitamin E boosts antioxidant properties that help fight wrinkles and collagen loss.
  • Incorporate Vitamin C into your diet. Vitamin C is vital to your skins elasticity, providing a direct role in your body’s ability to produce collagen. It also helps with hydration, which keeps your skin moist and supple. I use Vitamin C Serum as well.
  • Use sunscreen every day! Sun protection is absolutely essential in the fight against aging skin.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Keeping skin elasticity means making healthy life style choices! Beauty is from the inside out.
Do not forget water. Water is the number 1 best, beauty product there is. Please read my important post about H2O


  1. I love it. Good tips for us. Take care. Xoxo. Renata

  2. Thanks for the tips. This is strange, just looking at that picture is making me thirsty for a tall glass of water.

  3. Really good post ;)


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