Friday, December 7, 2012

Organic SunLess Tanning in the Privacy of your Home

Formulated with Natural and Organic Ingredients

The Tan Can is a business that not only does sunless spray tanning, but is now launching natural and organic sunless skin care products.  The gradual self tanner, Bikini Attitude, gives a wonderful natural color, is streak free and has no awful sunless tanner smell!  Does it work you might ask? The answer is YES!!! Finally, something made with organic ingredients that actually works. Your skin will be amazingly soft and your tan natural looking. Since it's gradual, it's easy to maintain and SUNLESS!!!

The first step is getting in the shower and scrubbing dead cells away using this exfoliating tool. Perfect for prepping the body for a sunless tan or to keep it fresh and rejuvenated. The highly twisted fibers are the secret to this ultimate exfoliating tool.

 Second step apply a thin, evenly layer of lotion daily. Once a week to maintain the lovely sunless tan. Once applied wait about 8-10 hours to show without the effects of sun. Amazing huh?!!!
Third step is to nourish your skin with this age-defying lotion. Keep your skin glowing with this anti-oxidant.

Be safe and prevent skin cancer by staying away from the sun... Stay looking young as well... Go for Sunless products like The Tan Can!!!!!!!

Trish Huddleston Owner
contact number: 512.917.9216

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