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Perfume is like the Cherry on top of the Whip Cream!

Smelling Delicious is part of your outside beauty. If you have been checking my blog out than you know what I am talking about. This post is not about skin or hair care but it's about dressing up your skin into your favorite scent. Having people around you getting a sniff of you is my favorite part. Well, I also do love smelling sexy! The beauty process starts from the inside out. Last thing after you finish with your lip gloss than you put on your perfume. Maybe not necessary after the lip gloss but you know what I mean right?
 What's you favorite perfume? For me I have a collection. These are my top 4 at the moment. The Halle Berry I just bought it Monday and I love it. While girls collect handbag and shoes, I collect perfumes. FML lol kidding!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below xoxo Thank You

Oscars 2012 Hair Styles

I really loved many of the dresses and hairstyles for the Oscars 2012 event. My favorite I must say is Angelina Jolie, she really looked hot! She looked refreshed and happy. I think that red lipstick really popped for her. I also loved Jennifer Lopez dress she always look stunning! I also loved Shailene's bun, the last pic of this post. Buns can be perfect for almost any event I think.

What did you enjoy of this even? What's your favorite hairstyles? Come and Interact with me. I reply back!

A Men Haircut with many styles

(Pic 1)
I wanted to do a post on a men's haircut. I am qualify to talk about it. I have been a cosmetologist for so long and I love doing haircuts. I am not just doing this post for the cuts but to show that 1 specific haircut can be used in many ways. If you look at all these pictures, the men have basically the same haircut.  
Let me explain, Pic 1 is short on back and sides, I am going to probably guess that is a number #1 clipper size blended into with a #2. Short on top with scissors.
Pic 2 I am guessing it can be size #1 or even size #2 blended into a #3 and short on top with scissors.
Pic 3 and Pic 4, I'm guessing clipper #3 blended into with a clipper #4 and short on top with scissors.
This cut is versatile. You can spike it, gel it back, to the side, or however you like. My point to this post is that from pic 1 wearing a muscle tank top to pic 4 looking like a corporate business man, whichever outfit you pick with this cut you will look SHARP!
Remember keep that neck…

Queen Helene Julep Face Mask

This is one of the best face mask around. I have used so many different ones. I am obsessed with hair and face products so I can tell you I own and tried tons of products. You can call me a product whore. I don't care. lol  I do recommend a facial cleanse and then this mask followed by a toner than your favorite facial creme. 
A Minty, cleansing face mask

Removes oil and dirt and helps make pores appear smaller. It is also great for removing blackheads.

Kaolin and Bentonite which are (exfoliants)

This creamy green mask has a strong minty smell and dries completely in 15 minutes. You can easily rinse with water.

This face mask has been around for so many years. It goes on moss green, hardens quickly, and leaves skin smooth, clean, and somewhat tight-feeling. It's made for all skin types. I got to know this product in beauty school. I have never stopped using it. So inexpensive and you can get …

BlackBox Cosmetics Product Line

I want to introduce to you this organic, cosmetics product line. I have tried some and I love it. I instantly felt it working on my skin. My skin feels tighter. Tighter means younger looking. Aging is the new 20's. I feel refreshed. I have never experienced this before with any other products.

Visit the website, read the information and  request samples if interested.

Please Contact:

Mark Griffore
Sales Supervisor & Salon Consultant BlackBox Cosmetics

Thank you readers!

Remedies on Dark UnderEYES...(Ojeras)

So let me guess, your on the next football team? OH, I'm sorry, those are dark undereyes! Yikes. My bad. It's ok you came to the right place.  Unfortunately, getting enough sleep isn't always enough to prevent dark circles under the eyes from developing. The following are some of the common causes of dark under eye circles:
Aging: As we age, the delicate skin under our eyes becomes thinner. This thinning of the skin allows the blood vessels underneath to become more visible. These blood vessels can give the appearance of under eye circles. In addition, we also lose collagen and fat in the under eye area. This leads to hollowing as we get older. The deeper the hollows, the darker the circles appear. Ugh yea, welcome to the aging world. 
Allergies/Nasal Congestion: Nasal congestion causes the veins that drain from the eyes to the nose to dilate and darken. This can lead to the appearance of dark under eye circles. In addition, allergies can not only cause nasal congestion, …

Exfoliate your Lips...

I want to make this post because I hate, and I think it's gross when females walk around with dry lips. I mean why? Really that is not sexy looking at all. Why put on MAC expensive makeup on and have nasty lips? I am sorry but I can not get over this. Sooo... I have a simple, fix a problem deal for you. Exfoliate your dam lips.

Simple and Easy: Follow my instructions. Ready?

kitchen honey
kitchen sugar
and a toothbrush

Preparations: mix a little bit of honey with the sugar. Take the little brush and brush your lips dead skin off. Yes, that's it. This is so important. Your lips will only be soft and also looking desirable. Now, when you put on your lip gloss your lips will look so much smoother. I promise you will not regret it...go ahead and try it. Let me know what you think?    

End results ;)

Thank you for reading,

Sleeping is as important as Breathing

What does lack of sleep does to the health, that is the question? 

Insufficient sleep can affect hormonal balance in adults. Tissue repair also occurs during sleep, including repair to the daily skin damage done by UV light. Getting enough deep sleep will help your skin repair itself. How does not enough sleep affect the brain? When people do not have enough sleep, they cannot concentrate well the next day and have problems forming memories.  During sleep, neurons can shut down and repair any damage done during the day. Without these repairs, the neurons may not function correctly due to a buildup of waste products. Sleep also seems important for the formation of memories. Lack of sleep increases the risk for developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infections equals to health problems. Humans deprived of sleep for long periods begin hallucinating and develop other mental problems.

Why am I writing about sleep? Beauty for me comes from the inside. Taking care of your …

Jalapenos and Acne

Let me tell you, when I go to eat anywhere I have to have everything hot. I can eat and drink hot sauces especially the Goya brand. I love hot sauce since I was 5 years old. I can never for get who tought me this, my god mother Matilde Alicea. RIP
 I know it has the negatives but it also has positives:
skin acne, high blood pressure, aggravated hemorrhoids, nose bleeding, burning sensation, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, Guan halo, even vomiting blood, and hematuria.
Red pepper gives amazing relief to arthritis. Hot pepper brings down blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol, prevents blood clots, halts bleeding quickly, knocks out cold and flu miseries. It also reduces risk of heart diseases and tuberculosis. In addition it is an ulcer healer. The internal consumption of capsicum stimulates the gut's muccosal cells which release more slimy mucous that neatly coats the intestines, including sores and bleeding ulcers. It also increases metabo…