Saturday, January 19, 2013

DIY: Home Acne Mask


I want to share this post with the whole world. This post will benefit people with acne problems. I am one of the lucky ones that does not have this problem so I want everyone else to be lucky as well.With oily skin and acne, you're probably not always in love with your skin. But oily skin isn't all bad. I mix this home mask weekly for my daughter. She does have acne problems, but the next day it shows a major difference on her skin, much clearer!

I want you to mix a small cup of milk and oatmeal together to a thick paste just like the pic below


After you mix the both ingredients together to a paste apply on your face about 15 minutes. The milk is an exfoliator and the oatmeal is an antiseptic. Perfect combination to work on oily faces. Which means that oily faces brakes out more on some people.

Please try this and let others know. Share on your social medias, and follow me :)  Let me know how it works on you. I hope you enjoy this information.

Thank you



  1. I use this once a month LOVE it!

  2. Super helpful, I am def bookmarking this and need to try it!! AWESOME post.
    xo Haylee