Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gisell's Hairstyle pick of the Month - January 2013

Throught the entire year of 2013, I will be posting a monthly post on my personal choice of the best hairstyle of the month. I always enjoy myself looking at the hairstyles so for the next 11 months you will see my monthly favorites. For the month of January, I chose this new hair style/cut from Halle Berry. It is not too short, but was kept long enough to create more than a simple look.

What do you guys think? Is the cut hot or not?



  1. My cousin just had her hair cut pretty much the same style as Halle has and it really suits her fabulously!

    I did go to the hairdresser's and let cut all the split and fragile ends! I didn't go that extreme, even though my hair is much shorter now than the day before. I'm happy because finally it looks healthy!

    1. Trimming sometimes makes wonders to the hair.

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  3. I love her hair!