Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bellaboo Skin Products

Flawless Skin Begins with Bellaboo Skin Products
I am excited to write this post. I want to share this amazing line, the products are all natural, high in vitamins, mineral, antioxidant, fatty acids and with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action, so the skin stays flawless. I used to for about 2 weeks straight and I have no negative reviews. My skin is soft, products are good quality and the smell is devine. I love them and so will you. Please visit site fot more info at:
Products are:
1. The facial wash: This is a cleanser, it removes makeup and impurtites without drying the skin.
2.Facial Exfoliator: Exfoliates skin with micro-particles of finely ground Bamboo extract and rice powder, buffs away dead skin cells and absorbs oils from pores to leave skin smoother and brighter.
3.Skin Moisturizer Dew: Mositurize skin with this ultra light, oil free formula that feeds the skin with viatmains, minerals, EFAsand antioxidants.


  1. One more natural tip Nigella Sativa seeds (Kalonji) is very useful for skin when it mixed with the milk.
    Thanks for sharing this useful information .

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    Alison Clarke

  2. I read many beauty blogs but your offer really valuable information! Thanks for sharing! I am your new follower! Would you like to follow me back?

    1. I definitly will follow back asap and thank you