Thursday, May 30, 2013

Five Treatments on How To Fight Hair Dryness This Summer

         Summer! It’s of the most wonderful time of the year next to Christmas. Girls are busy shopping for bikinis, while boys are checking out on what water sports to try. Mom and dad are busy looking for an affordable vacation package, while the entire office is excited for their “all expense paid by the boss” outing. Really, tis’ the season to be jolly.

            But don’t forget, summer is all about dry climate, dry skin, and dry hair.. Uh oh. So before you head out to your destination and have a little fun under the sun, please take note of these five treatments on how to prevent hair dryness this summer. Of course you don’t want to go back to work with a dry frizzy hair do you?


Fighting Hair Dryness this Summer Starts with Five Treatments


       Sun Protection Concoction. Whenever you go searching for a perfect sunscreen lotion for your skin, don’t forget to purchase one for your hair as well.. Your hair needs it as much as your skin does. There are hair sprays or leave on conditioner that works as coating each layer of your hair and shielding it from the harmful UV rays. You’d certainly need this product since you’d be walking on the shores for an extended period of time. It’s much better if you can also wear oversized hat.

       Anti Split Ends Serum/Cream. This will avoid nasty split ends caused by extreme heat. But to help its efficacy, you must avoid combing your hair after sun exposure. And for the meantime stay away from blow dry and curling irons. Let your hair dry naturally and style it with care.

       Au Naturale Products. Stay away from products that are made with SLS (sodium laurate sulfate). It can severely damage your hair over time leading to dryness and hair fall. Keep an eye on products that are more organic by reading their labels carefully. You can also try a home-made hair mask found on your kitchen cabinet - olive oil or coconut oil. Just simply apply and massage it into your scalp, roots, to the strands of your hair. Allow it to sit for a few hours and rinse it thoroughly using a natural shampoo. This works best before and after sun exposure.

       Protein Rich Conditioner. Chlorine is a disinfecting agent found in swimming pools and ocean. It’s a very harsh chemical that leaves hair dry, frizzy, and sometimes turns your hair to a rubberized texture. It’s extremely damaging most especially to color treated hair. So before you make a splash, make sure that you’ve applied protein rich conditioner days before.

       Salon Experience Before Summer Fun. Go on and indulge your locks with a protein treatment before your summer destination. Have your hair stylist give you a new do by doing a trim, layer, or cutting it short. This will remove split ends and will give you that “I’m ready for summer!” look.




  1. I love the tip about olive oil or coconut oil for a hair mask. My favourite serum to keep split ends away is Mark Hill De-frizz Shine Serum - it rocks!