Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moroccan Hammam Spa Kit with Argan Oil

BLACKS SOAP is a natural emollient. As I explained above, it is used in conjunction with a Kessa glove clean and exfoliate the skin thoroughly. The black soap is made up from a paste of organic soil, olive pits, hash, olive oil and salt – this is a traditional Moroccan recipe.  The Black Soap had an interesting, almost toffee-like look to it in the container and smelt strongly (but not unpleasantly) of eucalyptus oil. I spread it liberally over my skin in the shower. After approximately five minutes, I washed it off using the kessa glove to scrub away and remove any dead skin. My skin felt completely rejuvenated and soft.

 The KESSA GLOVE is used to exfoliate your skin after the black soap rub down.
Once your skin has been prepared by the black soap, the RASSOUL can be applied to the body. It’s been hailed a god-send for sensitive skin and doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients. Instead of dispersing dirt like many products, Rassoul clay actually absorbs it. The Rassoul clay sported the same eucalyptus scent that the black soap did, but the texture was a lot more muddy. Rassoul clay is very much a multi-purpose product, as it can be used on the skin to soften it, on the face and in the hair. To use it, I scooped some from the tub and mixed it with water until it had a slightly more liquidy consistency.It’s recommended that you use it after the black soap, as it absorbs impurities from the skin and leaves it even softer.  Personally, while I used it once or twice on my body, I found it wasn’t really necessary after the black soap treatment.
 Most of you will be familiar with the wonders ARGAN OIL can do for your hair. However, it also contains restorative properties that can clear acne and strengthen nails. Applying it after the black soap and Rassoul treatment will invigorate and moisturize your skin.
The Morrocan Hammam kit is completely natural and 100% organic. The products don’t contain paraffin and are silicone-free, they’re also formulated without dyes, parabens or synthetic fragrances. The Morrocan Hammam company insists on non-polluting and recyclable packaging and the products are not tested on animals. It’s always nice to deal with ethical brands.
Going to a Spa can leave your pockets empty but with this kit and a little time its equivalent for much cheaper on your budget. Visit the Website for more info and to buy products.
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