Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trind Nail Lacquer and Nail Cuticle Repair Kit

Trind Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

 I am pretty excited to show you my first ever nail care review!  I have always struggled with my nails splitting and my cuticles being dry.  Fo the last 4 weeks, I have been using Trind Perfect Cuticle and Nail along with Trind Hand Repair.  

Trind Cosmetics is Europe's most trusted name in nail care and I have been using the cuticle repair kit and I saw a big improvement on my cuticles. Trind is the first nail care company that provides a solution for nails based on the protein keratin. It does take about 4 weeks to take effect.  It consists of Cuticle Balsam, Nail Balsam, and Nail Repair

 After you use these products I guarantee you that your natural nails will be shinier and they include a buffer for more shine. Your cuticles will be noticeably softer. Perfect if you want to wear your nails natural without color.

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