Sunday, November 1, 2015

Montenegro Lipstick by Amrezy

Who is one of the best known makeup artist in Instagram? Amrezy  is. She is amazing and talented. I have been following her for years when she lived in NYC. Now she resides in LA and she came out with 3 new lipsticks with LipLand Cosmetics.

I bought the Montenegro and the Rezy. Rezy is a nude color and Montenegro is shown above. I love this color. Feels velvety on my lips and it is a dry lipstick. As she mentions it is important to wear lip balm underneath. I didn't do that so it was a bit difficult to take off. This will be my color for the moment. I will do another look and post wearing Rezy. Stay tuned.
Have you tried them? How do you feel comment below.
Thank You

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