Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hair Extensions. 4 Tips & advice

 Real or fake hair require care. I love to share with you some tips and advice. For those who wear extension please read along the info I am about to write.

4 Tips for Rockin’ Hair Extensions

1.Know your hair type

If your hair is thin, you want to stay away from clip-ins, since they’ll stick out. Stick to the ones that are sewed into your hair or the temporary glue-ins. If you have thick, coarse hair, clip-ins are perfect.

2.Match not only color but cut

Once you’ve picked the perfect color of extension to match your hair, you want to take those guys for a haircut. Take the extensions to your stylist so she/he can cut them in the exact way your hair is already cut.

3.Take proper care

After wearing them, make sure to wash them with baby shampoo. Let them dry naturally and brush them out to the way you want them to fall. Store them flat. If you bundle them up, they’re sure to stay that way.


You want to make sure you purchase hair extensions that can handle heat and styling (usually natural hair or synthetics). Curling the extensions and your hair will make them look more natural and hide any inconsistencies.


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