Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Curls and the Humidity

I was born with naturally curly hair so when the weather wants to be hot and humid those are the days I look crazy. Curls become frizzy, hard to control.  I usually control my hair with humidity control products. Sometimes I have no choice and style my hair sleek back due to unmanagable weather hair! UGH!!!!

Do not just sleek it and go. Try other styles like some examples below but buns can be stylish as well.

Buns Styles Ideas


Gisell's Advice
The best way to reduce the effects of humidity on dry hair is by using specific products for dry hair, including hair serums and leave-in conditioners. It can be the time to leave hair rest of heat and wear natural. Redken has a great hair line products just for curls anti frizz. 




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  3. Definitely getting that product I need it this summer! Good post


  4. Thank you kayla for the comment.

  5. Thanks for your useful tips! I haven't natural curly hair, but humidity is always a problem! :)

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  7. i think a nice side bun or a classy low bun are great, but the key there is to make sure there are so frizzy hair left behind..

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