Saturday, April 28, 2012

Minerals Mate Makeup Tray

What is better than germ free?

I want to introduce you to Mineral Mate. I just used it and I AM IN LOVE! The best thing I have used in a while. Enjoy more space, less waste, no double dipping and more hygienic. Minerals Mate has come out with a new mixing palette. These were designed for mineral makeup, but it can be used for eye shadows, blush and even foundations. So if you mix a shade of foundation that you need you can mix it in this tray and just cover it. 

How to use:

Shake the amount of minerals you want into the appropriate-size well(s). Large wells are best for foundations, blushes and all-over treatments; small wells are perfect for your eye colors. With Minerals Mate, it’s okay if you pour too much product into the wells.
Swirl your brushes in the wells as you did before when using the container lids. Now you have more swirling areas to use to get just the right amount of minerals you want on your brush. So much more control! And, if you have any minerals left, use the caps that came with your Minerals Mate tray to protect them until the next use.

Minerals Mate allows you to mix minerals together or use a mixing medium with a small portion of your minerals without contaminating your main supply. Simply use the Minerals Mate tray as an artist would use an artist’s palette, and have fun!

Use the section of the Minerals Mate tray with the ribbed texture as a thumb grip. It even doubles as a scrubbing surface to gently clean your brushes!

It’s top-rack dishwasher safe!

For more information and to order visit  just for reading my post and ordering for the month of May only I can get you 25% discount. How great is that?
The DISCOUNT CODE is 2468MineralsMate

Color: Red at Play

Color: Double Platinum

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