Friday, August 24, 2012

Menopause plus Skin Care

I have to admit I have a few years yet, but before you know it will be here. What will be here? Menopause!!!

Hormones play an important role in skin health. Lower levels of estrogen at menopause contribute to loosing skin collagen, which is more rapid in the years right after menopause. Your skin also develops some slight sags and wrinkles and skin becomes drier. So what can you do to help keep skin better during these times?

The use of sunscreen
Exposure to sunlight causes skin to age and is responsible for variations in pigmentation (skin color). Because aging skin is more prone to sun damage (including skin cancer), use of a good sunscreen is important. Avoid tanning. There’s no such thing as a “healthy tan" tanned skin means that skin is damaged.

Don’t smoke or drink alcohol!In smokers, the effects of aging on the skin are more pronounced. Long-time smokers have more skin damage, particularly wrinkles around the lips and dark circles under the eyes. Maintaining skin health is another good reason not to smoke. Alcohol dehydrates your skin from the inside out.

Practice healthy habits
• Avoiding stress and getting enough exercise and sleep enough appr 7 hours daily
• Drinking plenty of water helps keep skin hydrated and organs working properly
• Limiting coffee, tea, soft drinks, and alcohol because they decrease hydration
• Avoiding hot, soapy showers and baths to prevent dry skin. Lotion it up right after.
Most importantly eat healthier. Add more fruits and vegetables daily. Exercise daily atleast 30 min walk is better than nothing...Keep healthy and enjoy LIFE
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