Tuesday, October 8, 2013

John Russo Photography Fragrances

Photograph for women is a fruity-white floral scent composed of timeless notes and embodied by the beautifully styled photo of Brazilian model Marilia Moreno which adorns the box.  With her wavy hair cascading across the shoulder of her beaded gown, Moreno resembles a classic starlet of the Hollywood of yesteryear, who would have been perfectly at home in Photograph's freesia and tender fruits, atop a classic floral heart of muguet, rose, lavender and gardenia. A musky/ambery base adds a modern touch to these traditional feminine notes.
The men's companion Photograph scent shows that good taste never goes out of style. Just as model Gui Fedrizzi wears a classic tuxedo with the carefully-maintained stubble favored by trendy young men, so do many modern men rely on traditional aromas to exude class, elegance and masculinity. The citrus notes, spices, leather and tobacco notes that served Hollywood elite in the Golden Age continue to captivate 21st-century men (and women!) in Photograph.

I am in love with these perfumes. The bottles are designed to look like pure elegance. Please visit www.johnrussofragrances.com


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