Monday, February 10, 2014

Men and Cologne

Of all the men beauty products out there, cologne has to bring the most physical attraction to the table. Let’s face it, girls love a man who smells great. So, for you guys out there who are a bit timid in using ‘beauty’ products, here’s a little cologne placement guide for you. Use these tips and see how your physical attraction with the opposite sex spikes up!

Wrists – This placement of cologne is for casual contact. Great for first dates, friendly coffee shop visits, and even business meetings. Cologne on the wrist adds just that little unf  to take your first impression to the next level. Spray just a bit and bring your hands up to your nose. Other people will be closer than you to your wrists, most likely, so spray carefully.

Neck – Men beauty products aren’t as touchy as of a women’s. You can use cologne instead of aftershave and vice versa easily (as long as the aftershave smells good enough!). Placing fragrance on the neck intensifies the kissing and cuddling experiences substantially. And wait a few minutes after you have shaved, too. That could get quite painful. :/

Chest – The ultimate in jackpot to spike her physical attraction towards you. Use chest fragrance sparingly. It won’t get noticed unless she is right up close, so save it for the honeymoon and other such special occasions. Musk excels in this arena, as do other aggressive scents.

Apply cologne in a smart way, and see her physical attraction for you soar. rawwr :)

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