Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Best Eye Shadow for Your Eye Color

One of my favorite ways to wear makeup is to emphasize the eyes and wear a subtle lip color. I usually reverse the look and make my lips pop for the evening night out. However you choose to apply it, there are some shadow colors that look amazing when paired with certain eye colors. If you’re looking to enhance your own natural eye color, here’s a list of complementary shades that will make the look pop.

The Best Eye Shadow for Your Eye Color

Brown Eyes - Brown eyes can really pull of a great variety of looks. To make them pop, try using shades of blue, navy, or purple for a fashion forward look. For an intense look, play with fake eyelashes. It can change the look dramatically.

Hazel Eyes – To emphasize the blended beauty of hazel eyes, try using shades of gold, grey, and brown.

Green Eyes – To really play up green eyes, try using shades of burgundy, violet, and pink. Shades of dark blue are also a great way to offset the eye’s natural color.

Blue Eyes – try warm tones such as bronze, peach, brown and mauve make a beautiful contrast.

Grey Eyes – Grey eyes really sparkle in shades of plum, dark green, violet, and mauve. For a smoky look, use a smudged eyeliner in Dark Browns

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