Friday, October 31, 2014

24clearit for Acne and Dry Skin

The skincare experts at 24clearit decided to work with top chemists to create a new and fresh approach to treating acne. It was based on a simple question: how can we develop an effective Acne Treatment that leaves skin clear, smooth and glowing.
The answer was simple – add important hydrating and protecting ingredients at the right concentrations to the smart acne medicine – and deliver in different formulations for day and night. With skin protection during the day, and restorative ingredients at night, you’ll enjoy the best of skin care AND acne care. You will always get the right ingredients, at optimal effective concentrations, at the right time and that’s the 24clearit Day & Night difference for clear and glowing skin.

This is not only for people with acne, it is also for people with dry skin. I use the moisturizers and I love it. Leaves my skin supple and glowing.

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