Saturday, May 21, 2016

Your Ticket To a Full Head Of Volumized Hair

Are you frustrated of sacrificing touchable soft hair for volume?  Guess what? Now you don't have to! Say hello to my little friend, Thickheaded Voluminizing collection. It's going to reverse your hair care routine and totally change your game. How often can we really point to a product and say yes, this thing genuinely changed my life in a profound way? If profound is the ability to go a day or two without washing your hair, then for me Thickheaded Voluminizing is profound. Over the years I’ve tried an endless string of shampoos but nothing like this.
I usually like to finish my look with the Tidal Wave Volumizing Sea Salt  spray a bit of texture spray into my hair after I’ve curled it. That helps soften and blend the curls a bit, and keeps them from looking too perfect. I really like the look of loose, undone hair so texturizers are my best friend.

To check out their website for these products and other amazing ones please click here and feel free to ask any questions.

Thickheaded Volumizing Conditioner

Oh and this stuff! Thickheaded Voluminous Conditioner is lovely, too. It’s very light but moisturizing. Go ahead and try it. I promise you will love it. It makes nourishing your hair a breeze. Infused with Keratin, the thickheaded volumizing conditioner will leave your hair shiny, fuller, and healthy looking. Use with TheSalonguy's thick headed volumizing shampoo for maximum results.

Tidal Wave Volumizing Sea Salt

TheSalonGuy Tidal Wave Volumizing Sea Salt Spray is a great pre-styling product because it provides extra volume and thicker hair. Especially men with thinning hair can benefit from this spray prior using a good wax or clay for example. The natural volume also helps your hair to stay moisturized and does not dry out. This product does not contain any parabens or sodium chloride. The Tidal Spray also protects against harmful UV light. Last but not least besides of this product doing these amazing things, I have to mention the smell. I was mesmerized but this scent. I have never smelled a product like this one. It is so unique. I had to take several whiffs and it took me to another world. It smelled like waves rushing over the sand from the sea. The best of all for me it smelled clean. I am one of those who enjoy good smelling products. After all I want to smell good everywhere I whip my hair!
How to use:
Use the Tidal Wave Volumizing Spray into towel dried hair. Next, blow-dry your hair when you are looking for maximum volume. You can also air-dry your hair when you want a natural look.

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Let me know of your favorite hair volume products below. Thank you for reading.

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