Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics

Osmosis Colour Mineral Cosmetics is proud to present their Mineral Matte Eye Shadow Duo Collection. With colors coming in 5 different palette options, each set offers a matte style that is also gluten-free.
With rich pigments and satiny-soft finishes, these natural, highly pigmented mineral shadows provide you with endless fun. From natural to dramatic, we have you covered from brow bone to lash line. Each hue will nourish and protect the delicate eye area thanks to the addition of Green Tea Extract. Acting as an antioxidant to protect the skin against free radical damage, this extract is also an anti-inflammatory. When paired with Honeysuckle Extract and Osmosis Colour’s Gogi Berry Blend, the ingredients work together to soothe and tighten: a perk for irritated, puffy eyes due to sleep habits, allergies, or post wax treatments. This exclusive Gogi Berry Blend has 9 essential amino acids and contains 500% more vitamin C than oranges.
Apply directly on the skin for a soft, wash of color or apply after your primer for eye shadows that go on brighter and with more intensity. The darker shades can even be made into a liner by wetting your brush for a smooth and creamy application, much like a wet liner!
Colors: Chocolate Brulee, Crimson Cream, Mystic Mulberry, Sienna Dusk, Truffle Bliss.
  • Apply Crimson Cream, Sienna Dusk, or Truffle Bliss for a softer, more natural daytime application.
  • Mystic Mulberry and Chocolate Brulée are great for a smokey eye or evening look.
Price: $27 each from

My Honest Thoughts: 

This is an impressive eye shadow formula, particularly if you love your shimmery/matte finishes! The shimmer finishes have an extraordinarily creamy, buttery, smooth texture with amazing color payoff. The satin/matte finishes are soft, finely-milled, but less creamy and a bit powdery. They’re nicely pigmented, smooth, and long-wearing with several combinations to choose from. If you haven’t given any of the shadows iterations a look-see, they are well worth considering. 

I can really see this being my go-to palette as it just has everything you need for day or night. The palette as a whole is surprisingly compact, so if you're going away for the week you have all these versatile shades taking up a minimal amount of space.

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