Saturday, April 28, 2018

Narcissus Hydro Cream Moisturizer from Mamonde

For dry skin like me, certainly the Narcissus series is my first choice for its hydrating power. A symbol of happiness and beauty, Narcissus flower, or more commonly known as daffodils, has been cultivated since the ancient days.

Do you know that Narcissus is one of the rare plant species that survives the harshest winter?

All thanks to its strong moisture storage power and excellent moisture ability!

Beauty products has evolved throughout the years. Each year new formula or ingredients will be added into existing beauty products to intensify the effects resulting in better results. For skin care lovers out there, I’m sure by know most of you would have heard about Mamonde, a popular Korean brand which is well known for inspiring beauty with flowers.

Introducing the NEWLY IMPROVED Mamonde Floral Hyrdo range formulated with Narcissus bulb. Why Narcissus? In the ancient Roman days, Narcissus flower is a symbol of happiness and beauty which is highly cultivated for its healing benefits. It’s one of the rare plant species that can survived the harshest of cold winter. Reason being the Narcissus bulb has strong moisture storage capability with excellent moisture circulation.

My skin’s hydration is  better than before. Loved the fact that it is lightweight and absorb quickly onto the skin without any stickiness residue. Lastly, the slightly fragrant flowery scent surely brighten up my day!

Tip: You can even use it as hydrating sleeping mask at night too!

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