Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why are Antioxidants good for your SKIN?

Like I said many posts before, I am all about hair and skin care, from the INSIDE TO THE OUTSIDE.

What are Antioxidants?

Apparently fruit and vegetables are full of them, and they’re claimed to help prevent disease and delay aging (slower wrinkling lol). If you're like most people, you want smooth, healthy skin, but maybe you don't want to wade through hundreds of chemically laden products to get it. That's where antioxidants can help. Incorporating the right antioxidants into your diet and skin care routine can have a positive effect on your skin.

Antioxidants are nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and enzymes (proteins inside your body) that can help to prevent and repair damage to your body's tissue. Antioxidants do this by slowing or preventing the effect of free radicals, which start oxidation -- a process that causes damage from oxygen that can lead to cell dysfunction. If you've seen a peeled apple turn brown, you've seen oxidation in action. As antioxidants block the effects of free radicals, they end up being oxidized. This is why it's important to constantly replenish your supply of antioxidants.

When it comes to caring for your skin, antioxidants can help to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Unlike sunscreens and moisturizers, antioxidants can protect your skin from the inside out by guarding your cells from damage. Vitamins A, C and E and the mineral selenium are thought to be particularly helpful in skin care. In addition to helping fortify cells against free radicals, vitamins A and C also encourage cell and tissue growth, helping the body to repair itself. This is very helpful to the skin, which is constantly shedding and regrowing cells. For this reason, any antioxidants that protect cells and encourage cell growth could be helpful in an anti-aging regimen, as they may help fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Ladies and gentlemens this post is for both sexes! If you take care your insides, outside will GLOW!

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  1. Gisell...¿ Que son los antioxidantes ?

    Me encantan las frutas y verduras...interesante lo que comentas cuidarse desde adentro.Mi cutis es encanta tomar sol recostada en una cara me la cubro con una capelina....15mts frente al sol y 15 mts de espalda al sol...todos los dìas no afecta, protegièndose con cremas.
    Uso una crema bronceadora con jugo de zanahorias y le mezclo una parte de aceite de coco.
    Gracias por tus buenos consejitos..
    un beso

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    1. thanks so much. come back and visit often :)

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