Monday, January 16, 2012

7 of my favorite Golden Globes 2012 "HAIRSTYLES"

Kate Bekinsale was a perfection. She looked so beautiful and glamorous. Make was light on the lips and smoky on the eyes. Vinatge jewelry. Love, Love her look!

Diane Lane is one of my favorite actresses. She looked stunning! Curled ends and natural makeup she looked beautiful.

Salma Hayek curls were hot in this multi dimensional color. The dress was fierce too. You go hot Latina!

Charlize Theron looked amazing. So gorgous and classy. The hair was up to one side and with a glittery, headband.

Nicole Richie's hair was HOT! She totally rocked it.

Sofia Vergara looked really nice in this blue dress by Vera Wang. Even tho her hair was simple she wore it glamorous! I prefer her dark haired. I hope she reads this lol

Paula Patton "gorgous" in her yellow dress. Her hair was perfect styled for the dress.
*I told you my 7 favorites, so what are yours???

Golden Globes 2012



  1. Gisell...¡¡¡ Muy interesante tu blog para la belleza encantò....màs luego he de recorrerlo con màs tiempo.
    Gracias por seguirme ...

    un beso desde Argentina

    1. Ahhh muchas grasias. Ben luego para que leas con calma. Xoxo