Friday, May 25, 2012

Temporary Hair Relaxing System

I want to introduce you this system of hair care. I want you to try it to yourself , your clients or even to your own family members. I know you will love it. It works for all hair types and it's perfect for curly hair. Your blow out will last longer than usual. It is a temporary straightening system. It is a shampoo, conditioner and style products. First of course is the Metamorfosi shampoo and conditioner. Wash with the shampoo and you will instantly feel the hair relax. Follow with the conditioner. 

After you are all ready to style, make sure you towel dry the hair taking the moisture out as much as you can. This will help with the drying time. You will then apply Metamorfosi leave-in creme. You will then dry the hair straight as you normally would. 

At this time the hair should be dried and beautiful. Finish off with the Silk Shine from the same line Tec Italy. This product seals the cuticle and reconstruct giving excellent silkiness and softness. 

All these products are affordable and if you want to buy, or you are a salon business please contact me and I can have a sales representative call you right now. 

Today I washed and blew out my own hair, I finished it with the silk shine. 

   Thank you,


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