Monday, June 4, 2012

Wear it where it HURTS!

I want to introduce you to the ThighGlide product. Don't let your active summer leave you in pain again. Non-latex, non-greasy body wraps will stop friction and create a protective barrier on your skin preventing chafing, rashes, saddle sores, and skin irritation. ThighGlide wraps are curved for a comfortable fit. They can be worn just as they are or you can custom cut to fit any body part. The translucent non-latex material is soft to the touch and allows movement of the skin with flexible stretch.

Do you have really dry skin? The Solution:ThighGlide! A smooth non-latex body wrap. Worn on the skin, where ever you may experience chafing of the skin. Just peel and stick your way to relief. The best part this works on any part of your body.

Try it your skin will thank you!

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