Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gisell's tricks to Perk up your tired, looking SKIN

Sleep- Beauty sleep is the answer. Make sure your room is pitch black and even use those eye masks. That is my trick to have a full sleep at night and wake up refreshed in the morning. More on sleep

Vitamin E- Taking supplements is good for the skin and also you can buy vitamin e lotions to apply on those extra, dry areas. More on Vitamin E

Eating more fruits and veggies- Eating healthier and less junk food makes you glow from the inside out. You feel more energized and overall feel so much better. Try it for a week and tell me how you really feel? :) More info on Fruits

Facials- Facials are good to get them even atleast once a month. It keeps blood flow going around your face. Making you look glowing and healthy looking. Plus a bonus it slows aging wrinles too. More on DYI Facials

Smile- Smiling is contagious. Try it. When you are upset if you start smiling it changes your mood almost instatntly. It is easier said than done but I try it and I really believe in this. Smile, Smile Smile!

Water- Ofcourse I am obssed with water. Water for me is like the oil in the vehicles. Water works our organs inside and it will show on the outside if we don't drink enough of it. Don't dehydrate your skin. With out water we can't survive! Love water! More info in Water

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  1. Great blog! Following you now! Sometimes my skin looks tired!