Saturday, September 15, 2012

Forward Skin Care products.

I want to introduce you this amazing skin care product line. I had the chance to try these 2 product posted on here down below. Most of the line is to make your skin look younger and fabulous. From collagen & peels, to lift & firming. I been using this product every day 2 x like instructed on bottles. It has done an amazing job. My clean is clearing brighter. I had red spots and some discoloration. Not to much but I notice a signaficant of a difference. I recommend this for woman of any age with skin redness. My face looks tighter I must add. I am loving to snap pics of my face now. There's more information you can read and visit their website.
Lift & Firm
1.Best Seller
2.Multi tasker
3.packaged with anti-oxidants to neutralize free radicals
4.generates and moisturize
5.apply 2x a day on clean skin (all skin type)
6.21% active ingredients
1.Best Selling dream serum
2. Multi tasker
3. attacks wrinkles and sagginess instant and long lasting firming and tightening effects
5.apply 2x daily on clean skin
6. 13.1% active ingredients

True and tried ingredients formulated at their highest potency to deliver on their promise: Lift. Firm. Brighten. Tighten. What us women look for!
Where Nature and Biotech meet in harmony and work in synergy: The best of both worlds. Multi-taskers.

An anti aging skin care line made up of multi-tasking Olympian products for Olympian tasks.

In perfect harmony and synergy Forward Skin Care combines the best that Nature and Biotech have to offer. Ultimately, giving birth to a prodigy of an anti aging skin care line that delivers on its promise.

Forward Skin Care develops formulas that tighten, lift, firm and brighten.

Organic products are attracting a lot of attention in the market, be it in the foods we consume, clothes we wear and packaging we use And the skin care products.

Actually as we know, all in Nature is not safe or even efficient. The ultimate best products are the ones developed when Nature and Science are combined and work in synergy and harmony. From this perspective, Forward Skin Care offers straightforward products that show results.

Products that are made “fresh” and do not sit on the shelves at department stores.
Contact Info:
Forward Skin Care
Farida Benderradji
Fax:1 866 783 7247
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