Monday, September 17, 2012

Sisa Designs by Sisa Rodrigues Beauty Interview

I am thrilled that I have the chance to interview Sisa Rodrigues. She is the woman behind the "Sisa Designs" that are inspired by nature and rendered in warm tones focused on accentuating a womans unique beauty and sensuality with classic elegance regardless of age or size.
A native of Belo Horizonte, Brazil now based in New York, Simone Rodrigues is the creative fashion force behind Sisa Designs. Ms. Rodrigues began designing and sewing at the age of 10 watching her Mother designing & Sewing and went on to earn a degree in Fashion Design.

You can visit her website and you will love her style.

I wanted to let my blog viewers read more about her personal beauty. I am sure she is used to clothing questions but this time we are going to change it up just a notch!
Sisa Rodrigues

Gisell: You have gorgeous hair Sisa, so give us your secrets and who is your hairdresser?

Sisa:  My secret is never use a Hair Brush,  just my hands I never owned a hair brush. I know n I work with amazing hairstylist but usually I don't make the time for myself to get my hair done for shows. My priority is my models :)

Gisell: What hair product line do you use at home? Any special product you can't live with out?

Sisa:  I usually use Pantene shampoo and conditioner. One thing I can't leave my house without is the leave in conditioner from Milk Shake " Organic"

Gisell: How often do you get cuts/trims?

Sisa: since I let my hair grow longer, I trim twice a year, now for a Cut, depends on my mood:)

Gisell: Let's talk about your skin? It looks flawless. Favorite face lotions? What do you use for your beauty care?

Sisa: thank you my Dear! No skin Product yet. Just soap and water for many years. I use Baby Lotion! But I've been searching for a heathy and effective anti aging, since I pass my 40th :) !

Gisell: Do you do your own makeup? If so what foundation do you use?

Sisa: I do my own Makeup, but for events I usually get it done by amazing professionals  if I have time :) ! My favorite foundation is "True Match" from Loreal !

Gisell: What makeup and/or hair product you are obsessing at the moment? If any.

Sisa: My favorite makeup is my foundation from Loreal and smoked eye shadow from Mac. For my Hair is the ant frizz oil from milk shake.

Gisell: Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?

Sisa: Lipstick (light colors)

Gisell: What perfume(s) do you wear?

Sisa: My favorite Perfumes are Channel Chance and Fendi

Gisell: If you could work with any famous designer who would it be and why?

Sisa: before a became a Designer I admired Valentino and Alexander MQueen for their amazing creativity.

Gisell: What special beauty products can we find in your bag?
Sisa: In my bag you will find always. Lipstick, Eye liner, Mascara,
and powder foundation.

Gisell: What is your beauty life right before going to bed and in the morning before going to work? Do you remove your make up? Do you apply moisturizer? Any special products you want to share with us?
Sisa:  I never sleep with Makeup on, soap and water, eye makeup remover from Artistry! Moisturizer  I'm currently trying is Artistry 

Gisell: You have amazing designs. Any celebrity you want them to wear that haven't yet? if so who?
Sisa: thank you! I absolutely love my Job and Fashion is my Life! I Have dressed few celebrities for the LA Awards. Events Amanda Baker, Crystal Santos, Nia Peeples, Beverly Todd, Joahnna Krupa, Nadine Velazquez, Karen Gravano, Ramona Rizzo, Amber Collins, Karen Hoyos, Jacqueline Contreras and a few other TV Hostess. I would love to dress someday Queen Latifa , Julie Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, and Beyonce. Some Day :)

Enjoy some pictures of Sisa and her designs:
Karen Gravano from Mobwives and Sisa
Ramona Rizzo and Sisa
Sisa Design on Nia Pebbles

Once again I want to thank you for your time and sharing this personal information. I hope you and my viewers enjoyed this interview. Everyone you can follow Sisa on Twitter @sisadesigns and Instagram at sisadesigns and me as well on Twitter @gisellstylist and the same for Instagram.
Simone Rodrigues Sisa
Designer & Owner of Sisa Designs

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