Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rushed in the Mornings? Some Hairstyle Ideas for Work

 I don’t know about you, but mornings are very rushed for me and the last thing I have time for a complicated hairstyle that take hours to do. I pulled some ideas from google to give you some inspiration next time your running late but still need your locks to look polished and put together.
I think a not so neat bun it is such a very put together look in a weird way. As long that the sides are neat the bun looks can be wearable with an elegant dress or a casual Friday. Go ahead and try it. I also love ponytails, I will repeat myself, on the second picture her hair is very neat on top and sides the rest is just a pony tail. :)
Another kind of pony tail is like the above pic. Sides and top are neat but this time have your full bangs out. Totally Chic! You can also wear your hair naturally down and just clips the sides and call it a day like the pic below. What do you think? If your hair is straight you can curl just the ends with a curling wand. This are just a few of my ideas for women who always in a rush but want to looks well put together. There's no need to look like a hot mess. You are judged first by your appearance so let's make a good sight!

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