Friday, June 20, 2014

Overnight Self Tanning Lotion



The Sun Giesee suntan lotion is the leader self-tanning brand globally, owning to its popularity with celebrities, hair stylists, and any folks out there.

These products are able to achieve the same results as taking that beach vacation, but are safer. They are manufactured from all natural ingredients and thus, enable consumers to achieve the desired golden-bronze tan, without the risk of developing skin rashes, blemishes, or other skin diseases.
Sun Labs Tan Overnight Self Tanning Lotion has become one of our favorite self tanners.  I would definitely recommend  this product to my family and friends.What I like most about Sun Lab is how easy it is to apply.  It produces a smooth and streak free look. 

This product has a very subtle guide color in it that washes off in the shower.   The final color that was produced was about two shades darker than my natural skin tone and had a tint of sun kissed bronze. Highly recommended for men as well.

Sun Labs applies very easily.  First exfoli9ate skin in the shower. Second apply the tan lotion extender, and to maintain tan apply the third lotion in the evening. That is it! Easy as 1,2,3
I saw color changes in my skin instantly after using Sun Labs. 

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