Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Three of the Best at Home Hair Dyes

There are so many things worth saving money for like a new shoes or new makeup you’ve been wanting lately. So, if you can save on hair color so you can splurge elsewhere, I say why not. Experimenting with hair color is so much fun that sometimes having it done at the salon is cost prohibitive. But with some great products and a few tips from the pros, a little DIY can work out pretty well. No matter what you’re looking to achieve. Although I am a professional hair stylist I do buy over the counter dyes too. Here are the 3 dyes I have used.

Revlon ColorSilk Buttercream: It smells great (like tropical mango and coconut), while going on just like cream. If you have dry or damaged hair, this product will do double-duty for you – offering great conditioning treatment and flawless overall color.

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam: If you’re a first timer, this kit is probably the one for you. The foam formula is dripless, making it super simple to apply. With excellent easy-to-follow instructions, just follow along for great, natural looking results.

L’Oreal Paris FeriaThis awesome hair dye kit is perfect for first timers as it’s cream-based and doesn’t drip. While most of us have left complex ombre looks to the pros, this is pretty easy for getting that grown out highlight effect at home.
Have you tried dying your hair at home? What are the products you use? Please comment with any tips down below to help other readers.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this to yourself (stop) and  please call around to hair salons and find a good stylist that can work with you.

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