Monday, September 29, 2014

Allergic Reaction to Hair Dyes

Did you know that a hairstylist must give you a patch test 48 hours before color service?
Did you know that an allergy to hair dye can cause swollen, itchy, red eyes? Worse news is that an allergy can develop at any point, even if you have not previously been allergic.
Today, health and beauty go hand in hand. Modern women are smart, savvy and increasingly concerned with their health and wellbeing, in particular the effects of chemicals in everyday products.
While rare (less than 1% of consumers are affected), hair color can cause severe allergic reactions. It doesn’t matter how long you have been using the same hair dye without reaction, one day your immune system could mistake and recognize hair color as something dangerous, and an allergic reaction could occur. What’s worse is that once this reaction occurs, it’s likely to continue to happen every time you use the product.
How do you protect yourself from a reaction?
The best way to protect yourself from an allergic reaction is to have your stylist perform a patch test 48 hours prior to having your hair colored to ensure that you have not developed an allergy and it is safe to color your hair as normal.
Why do allergic reactions to hair color occur and how is Koleston Perfect Innosense different?
There are two ingredients – Para-Phenyldiamine (pPD) and para-Toulenediamine (pTD) – that are used in approximately 90% of hair color shades, for their great coverage and lasting results, but unfortunately, on rare occasions can cause an allergic reaction.
For two decades, Wella Professionals scientists have researched how to formulate a molecule that reduces the risk of developing an allergy, while maintaining uncompromised color performance. The revolutionary solution is a new dye molecule, ME+, which still contains the part of the molecule responsible for color vibrancy, lastingness and coverage, but does not cause the same reaction as pPD or pTD.
More and more color lines are coming out better with their chemical combinations. In my salon I use Tec Italy which is 90% organic and 100% grey coverage. Find yourself a good educated stylist that can prevent any
bad experience with your visit.


  1. What can u do for a small reaction. Can u use a home remedy? Like baking soda with a vinegar rinse or is it best to use a clarifying shampoo?

    1. nothing for a reaction. just let it run its course.