Monday, September 15, 2014

Giselle's Cosmetic Eye Lashes


I am wearing lashes number 46 show below on all of my pictures. I love Giselle's Cosmetic lashes. I use them over and over and they still look like they are hardly used. Good Quality is my first pick and this line has that.
Professional quality that adds and expresses great volume, from short and thin, to long and thick. The Professional is fabulously designed to create that phenomenal wow everyone is looking for. Reusable and long lasting.  

To stand out is what these lashes were made for. Express volume with a fascinating and fabulous look. For a classic and exceptionally high rated use. See what the hype is about and experience The Mamba, change your life today.
Perfection is what these lashes achieve. For that perfect, flawless looks impeccably picture perfect. These lashes provide great depth to eyes and absolutely stand out. Not only are they long lasting but also durable with adhesive included.




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