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5 Natural Hair Growth Remedies


Of course, we are living in the 21st century and there are a lot of alternatives in the form of supplements or specialist hair care products. But still, for many women it is interesting how generations before have promoted hair growth. At hair salon new york we collected 5 of the most popular proved natural hair growth remedies.

5 proved remedies for hair growth
Remedy #1 Onion juice
One of the most popular remedies for hair growth is rubbing onion juice into the scalp. In old recipes it is suggested to use it for 15 minutes after using shampoo. This time will be enough for the sulfur in the onion to increase collagen production.

Remedy #2 Coconut oil
Coconut oil is a natural source of moisturizing oil for hair. One of the benefits of using exactly coconut oil is that it has a few important vitamins for hair growth. Many people believe in the myth that coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies only for black hair. It is not true, as this oil is effective on hair of any color that has the tendency to dry out and become brittle.

Remedy #3 Eggs
One of the simplest natural remedies for hair growth is to make an egg mask. You whisk a couple of eggs up with a spoon of olive oil and massage it thoroughly into the hair. Leave the mask in for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse the mixture out with lukewarm water. As a final step, use a gentle shampoo or conditioner.

Remedy #4 Herbal
Herbal remedies are good to protect against hair falling out. You can use rosemary, sage, hibiscus, nettle or even green tee. You should an infusion of herbs as a final rinse after shampooing.

Remedy #5 Nutrition
Our hair needs nourishment from within to be shiny, healthy and grow fast. So, don’t forget about healthy diet, full of proteins and vitamins.
Still, if rubbing onions into your scalp doesn’t sound too appealing, you should consider clinically researched hair growth supplements with complete nutrition for hair growth.

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