Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MyChelle Skin Care. Vegan and Glutten Friendly.

  • Purifying, moisturizing, hydrating, and vitamin rich creamy cleanser.
  • Benefits: Vegan friendly, gluten free
  • Recommended for: Dry skin / Anti-aging concerns
  • Gently washes away surface impurities, environmental toxins and excess cell build-up while     protecting skin’s moisture balance.
  • Natural product


    This is a gentle cleanser, it does really well at removing my facial makeup. This product give a really good clean feeling on my skin leaving it soft as well.

    The MyChelle Dermaceuticals line of skincare is cruelty free, gluten free and vegan friendly.

    Exfoliators and Masks
    Bioactive Pumpkin blend exfoliates for a smoother complexion. 
    • Detoxifies 
    • Refines
    • Rejuvenates
    Pumpkin Renew Cream
    A light weight cream that can be used daily. Antioxidant and Vitamin E ingredients! Yay for us older woman. This cream is recommended for all skin types and packed full of powerhouse ingredients to strengthen, nourish and support healthy skin. The color is green even though I would have loved to see it be the color of pumpkin.  The scent has a light pumpkin and spice scent mixed with other typical skincare scents with a pinch of sweet.  It smells amazing!
    Once the cream is applied it sinks in fairly quickly and keeps my skin feeling comfortable and moisturized all day without making me excessively oily.  In fact, I think it actually helps balance and normalize my skin.
    I loved these 3 products and the price are reasonable. Please visit and check out the website

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