Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Have SEX for good SKIN


If you read my blog, my blog is all about total skin and hair care. We are what we eat. This blog is another advice on total skin care. Keep reading!

Sex Benefits, Everybody finds sex enjoyable. While others perceive sex as entertaining and fun, do you know that sexual intercourse has a variety of health benefits? Sex can improve our psychological and physical state. Let's chat about the common benefits of love making.

1. Improves skin health Sexual intercourse stimulates the mind and body which makes skin smooth and beautiful. It releases hormones and toxins that help improve skin smoothness.

2. Relieves stress Sex also helps to relieve stress.
3. Sleep well Sex activities can make you alert the entire day and sleepy at night. People who have sex regularly do not experience difficulties in sleeping.

4. Enhances cardiovascular health Sexual intercourse is a great exercise as it significantly helps lower your calorie levels. Sex also regulates proper blood flow in the body making it heart friendly.

5. Reduces constant headaches Sex is a natural pain reliever. When making love, oxytocin increases when you get aroused. This is how orgasm comes about. A steady rise in oxytocin actually helps in relieving pain and stress as well.

6. Reduce risk of cancer Sexual intercourse can help reduce prostate cancer and also boost immunity from illnesses. Cancer cells will not be able to spread faster therefore reduce the risk of having prostate cancer.

7. Boost self esteem Sex contributes to a healthy union between a couple. It boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. For couples, it is advisable to have sexual intercourse often in order to have a healthy and pleasurable lifestyle. Making love stimulates the mind and body so as to ensure you spice up your sex life. On the other hand, sex also has its demerits as well. Unprotected sex has been known to cause health related problems such as gonorrhea, syphilis and AIDS. Please be safe and educate yourself in sex education.


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