Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beat the AGING clock. Can you?

Tik Toc, Tik Toc

As the clock ticks and people age, their hair and skin begin to change. It can be from chemical distress or homonal changes. Hair just like our skin will become less glowing and hair turning gray. So how can we slow down aging, or can we stop it? I wish we can, but we could only slow it down.

The process of slowing the aging starts in the salon, continuing care at home and coming back to  the salon for regular trims can slow down aging and keep hair healthier looking.

I been doing hair for years ;) I believe in using the new cover fusion low ammonia 100% color cream which contains argan oil to neutralize free radicals and cationic polymers, in addition to rice protein to revitalize the hair.

Then continue care at home with shampoos and conditioners to renew texture, replenish moisture, shine and help defend against free radicals.

I recommend:

  • Pureology masque: features an Antifade and Anti-age complex, which restores and maintains hair's youthful condition.
  • Rejuvatherapie conditoner by Biolage: moisturizes and hair softens hair with soothing emollients for youthful-looking shine, silkiness and bounce.
  • Eugene Perma Paris: shampoo is an antiaging formula that strenghtens the hair fiber.
I also recommned weekly facials, eating healthy and exercising. Taking care of our body from the inside out really slows the aging process. LIVE A STRESS FREE LIFE.

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