Tuesday, November 20, 2012

50 Shades of Grey Hair Color Care

Thanks for dropping by. No, I did not mean the book 50 Shades but I mean the Grey Hair Color. lol. Wether is colored grey, natural gray or MEN GREY hair remember moisture is the key to keep your locks alive.. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Moisture Please!!!  Then, spray on and comb through a leave-in conditioner, and if at all possible let it air dry, sometimes using a shine product (serum) through it when it's almost dry helps control those stubborn greys.
Before using the heat irons, spray on a heat protector, and after have it curled. You can also use a smoothing cream, rub it on your hands, and then lightly run your fingers through your hair, underside first so it doesn't go on too heavy on top. Then, hairspray for fine hair, and I use a touch of sculpting gel on my part to try to minimize flyaways. Which there's only so much you can do about those, but when they're gray they're more noticeable, so do what you can.
Beyond products, regular hair cuts are super important. You've got to keep gray hair healthy and trimmed, no matter what the length. A trim makes a huge difference in manageability, and if your hair is ever looking raggedy or driving you crazy with tangles and flyaways, the first thing you should think about is, when did you last get it cut.