Sunday, November 25, 2012

Women of Color

Skincare for women of color is a little different to care of than traditional skincare we often gossip about. Women with dark skin are actually more susceptible to ashy tones, sun and UV damage and even skin discoloration. Great hair and skin care includes choosing products that have good moisturizing qualities and sun protection for colored skin.

I recommend:

Hair: Mizani Hair Products:
Immerse your hair in a luxurious blend of pure oils at every step in the haircare process. These product line are filled with moisturizers. You’ll love your hair like never before.

Cosmetics and Skin Care:
There are so many amazing lines out there. I do like Iman Cosmetics they are filled also with  ingredients including Vitamins A, E, & C, essential oils, and antioxidants derived from plant & fruit extracts to optimize the overall health of your skin. This line is especially formulated for women of color.

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