Monday, September 19, 2011

I give credit when credit is due!!!!! Jennifer Lopez

My ultimate idol and favorite icon aka as JLO since on the 6 album

This post may or may not be about skin and hair care but, I been thinking for a while to make a post on Jennifer Lopez.

I have been in love with her style, hair, attitude, and her movies. Her club music also makes me shake by booty. Yea, from the "on the 6" album I have been a true fan. I wish one day I can see her perform live.

My girl Jennifer Lopez recently launched her latest music video for her single Papi on ABC's Good Morning America and it's nice. She is an amazing performer and I'm so proud for her new album! Keep it coming girl...

Some of my favorite styles from JLO


This post is not about hair but on those bad hair day these hats can come in handy!!!




  1. you are so right her and kim k are the two people who are on top of thier game when i comes to hair and makeup. Especially since American idol ive been loving Jlo's look

  2. Thank you for commenting. I love that about her she knows what she wants. I like kim too tho.

  3. Awesome hats. I can't wear them tho lol

  4. I love Jennifer Lopez Shes is just amazing!! I love her style,hair,makeup,everything lol shes my inspiration!! Thanks for your lovely commment on my blog!! Im your new follower:)

  5. Thank you lorena xoxo come again :)

  6. Uggh! I'm falling in love with your blog already (I'm going to have to peel myself away before I lose an hour of my morning! LOL) I LOVE J LO!! Every pic I see her in she is ALWAYS radiant--and her music is rockin!! :)