Sunday, September 11, 2011

My home made BODY SCRUB

Scrub it in the shower!

I love making my own, homemade beauty products. Here I am showing you how to make your own body scrub. So easy!  All you need:

  • sugar
  • oil (of course I use Goya oil)
  • cinammon
Mix sugar and oil to a medium texture. Not to runny. Like the picture below. Add cinammon, you can make it as light or dark as you desire. Keep reading for more info

not too runny.

Sugar scrubs all old, dead skin of your body. So you can keep having younger looking skin.

Oil is perfect for dry skin.

Cinnamon has many benefits such as brings blood to the surface of skin, good for dry skin, and works good on acne skin. Also read the artlicle below from a magazine called Beauty mag.

Basic, easy and all about skin care.