Sunday, December 4, 2011

In need of an Eyebrow waxing?

Sometimes we get so busy in life that when we look in the mirror we realize we forgot to get our eyebrows done? What to do you ask yourself? Then realizing you have no time too run to the nearest salon to get your eyebrows waxed.

I have to recommend this great product I am currently using. Easy and mess free and it just takes few minutes. It is Nad's facial wand eyebrow shaper. Kit contains the remover gel wand, wipes, and strips.

3 easy steps: Are you ready?

1. wipe area with the cleansing wipe and dry completely
2. apply the gel (from the tube)
3. firmly strip on and while holding skin taut quickly removing off skin

Nicely looking eyebrows before that special event
This product is inexpensive, hypoallergenic, no heating needed and easy to use with enclosed instructions.

The best part is if you make a mistake applying the gel you can easily remove with WATER! Yes, water and restart again!

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  1. Thank you so much. I love comments like these.visit again...

  2. I've seen this on a few other blogs, I think I will really go out and buy this. But I have a question, when you wax how bad does it hurt? Like does it hurt more than when you get it at a salon. Or just it hurt the same?

  3. About the same. Trust me no one else wax my brows but me and it's still painfull. Lol

  4. Compared to plucking and shaving, eyebrow waxing is an easy and fast way to get rid of excessive eyebrow hair. You can actually do it during break-time at work or at school. Plus, your hair won't grow again for at least 2-weeks. It sounds convenient. =)