Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pore Tightening Source Serum Review

There is really no product out there that can disappear pores. I do not care what you hear. I can promise you that you can tightened pores, making them smaller. I love my serums. Serum for my hair and serum for my face. I received this product and I have been using for a couple of days and it is a nice product. The texture is soft on the skin and you will not feel greasy or heavy on the face. The skin absorbs it rather quickly so you can apply a 2nd coat if you wish.
The smell is soft but it fades quickly so you have no after smell. You can apply a moisturizer right after. Please remember get monthly facials to keep muscles tighter on the face... Stay gorgous ;)
How to use
1. After washing up, apply the toner, then apply the serum
2. Please reapply if you wish for a 2nd coat

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  3. That product is interesting and my mother would love to try that. How long of using it after you see the result?

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    1. a couple of days. thanks for visiting my blog.