Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pure Vita C Dual Mic Review by Rojukiss (Vitamin c)

How to use:

1. Due to the nature of vitamin C, use it at night when there is no sunlight.
2. Pump 2~3 times on your hand.
3. Mix the two bags by using your fingers.
4. Spread the mix all over your face thinly.
5. be careful not to touch your eyes.

The importance of vitamin C
When it comes to skin repair, rejuvenation and damage prevention, Vitamin C is hard to beat.
You get 3 big benefits from 1 simple and naturally sourced ingredient. One thing’s for sure, this is a seriously hard-working vitamin!

Vitamin C skin care isn’t just about what you eat.

We all know about the importance of vitamin C. Eating fresh fruit and veggies is a must if you want a healthy body and mind. However, there’s another way you can boost the benefits of vitamin C. Absorbing vitamin C directly into the skin allows you to take a targeted approach - a vitamin C face cream is a simple way to do that.

After using this for couple days, I am so glad I did. Talking about reguvanating skin? I look awake and my face skin looks healthier!

Apply the natural Vitamin C!
- Rojukiss Pure Vita C Dual Mix keeps the pure vitamin C (which oxidizes fast in the water) in the form of powder and provides the freshly made vitamin C. Oxidized vitamin C loses its effect as vitamin C, an changes its color and scent. Besides, it can damage your skin.
* It absorbs sebum so well that you can wake up with soft and smooth skin. 
Why Pure Vitamin C Dual Mix is special?

1. Pure vitamin C is stabilized in a separate container!
To complement the shortcoming of pure vitamin C that oxidize fast in the water, vitamin C Powder and solution are kept separately.When you mix it before use, you can use the freshest vitamin C in the solution that enhances the vitamin absorption to your skin.
2. Comparing with products made by other companies
The vitamin in liquid form changes its color and scent and oxidizes as time goes by. So it is not very effective. Due to the oxidization, old Vitamin c smells bad when you use it. To prevent this from happening, Rojukiss Dual Mix Line products separated vitamin C from solution and minimize the oxidization of vitamin C and provide the freshest vitamin C.

Try it and see what it can do for you. Take care of your face, is the only one you got. Stay fabulous girls!


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