Thursday, December 8, 2011

Renewing Cleansing Cream Resurgence by Murad

Murad Facial line care products is my favorite. I have used many products and I love each and everyone of it. Although I like this product but the only thing I do not care for is the texture (not really a negative) it is soft texture, kinda slippery feel. I rather like it with little rocks in there. It is just my preference. I want to feel more rough then soft. I do not know why lol. It is worth buying because when you done cleansing your skin, you look so much brighter and you see no traces of makeup on the face.  It gently exfoliates, boosts hydration and restores skin's natural moisture barrier plus tones skin all in one. It is important to exfoliate daily.

Primary Benefits:
Lifts away dull, dry skin cells and Reveals radiant skin surface. For a 6.75 FL. OZ. price $35. Not bad for the price huh?  

Thank you again for reading my post.

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